The Logo of GENSEAL




The Logo Components:

1- “GEN” stands for General.

2- “SEAL” stands for our business with “S” in black indicates our attitude on business is serious and responsible.

3- The barrier locking door under GENSEAL indicates our business is a “door guard” to secure and protect clients’ profits.

4- The gray bolt seal picture to present our business to customers at first sight.

5- GENSEAL is the short-hand for General Security Seal.


The Logo Colors (RGB):
Blue(R 63 / G 63 / B 255), the color of ocean and sky, which is a symbol of the industry we are working in and shows the vision of GENSEAL: to be a “blue” company who will be friendly to the people, the society and the environment.


Orange(R 248 / G 124 / B 0), a color stands for pleasure, happiness and prosperity. It indicates the culture of GENSEAL: a company full of pleasure, happiness and prosperity for the employees, the customers, the shareholders and the people around GENSEAL.


The Typeface:

Blue Highway D Type Regular (BLUEHIGD)